​​Tree Maintenance

arborist doing tree assessment

ACS Tree Service not only brings you the services you need when it comes to tree planting, tree transplanting or tree removal but also provides you with the full range of service options needed to keep your trees in the best possible state while they’re on your property. When turning to our experts for your needs, you can count on quality services provided by experienced arborists in the Lakeland area, giving your trees the means to enjoy a long and healthy life on your property.

Tree Preservation
Some trees have gone beyond simple growths on your property, they bring an addition of desired aesthetic worth preserving. Whether you have an aged oak or willow, or another tree type that provides you with a nostalgic benefit, making the choice to bring in the experience of Lakeland Tree Services for your needs will deliver the quality results you’re looking for. We bring you a full range of tree care service options that will have your tree given a new lease on life and the means to enjoy its presence on your property for a long time yet to come.

Tree Assessment
Injury and decay to your property trees can often be difficult to see immediately. When it comes to matters such as root rot or decay from the inside out, it’s only through having a skilled and professional arborist bringing you the assessment you need that you can get the full scoop on the state of your trees. When looking to ensure that you know the health levels of your trees and any possible issues that may present themselves in the future, making the choice to reach out to Lakeland Tree Services will provide you with solutions you can count on.

Storm Preparation
Part of the maintenance services we bring to the Lakeland area is ensuring that your trees have the capability to stand up to issues that may present themselves. With the capability for storms to cause a number of different damages to your trees, having the right protection measures in place ahead of these events can be the best form of preparation available. Whatever the issue you’re looking to avoid, making the call to the professionals at Lakeland Tree Services will provide you with a range of options in which to take advantage of for the benefit of your property trees.

Reduction & Restoration
Weight reduction can be an important aspect of having the right maintenance brought to your trees. With the added stresses it can cause on your trees various limbs and branches, finding yourself in need of restorative efforts after a storm can be caused by this affectation. When turning to the experienced professionals at ACS Tree Service for your needs, you can count on service that deal with both the before and after. Giving your trees the means to better stand up to these situations and also bringing you the solutions you need if these events have already occurred within your Lakeland property.

Tree Preservation