​​Tree & Brush Removal

removal of trees and brush

The professionals at ACS Tree Service are here to provide you with the full range of tree services you’re looking for and this extends all the way to the eventual removal of trees and brush that are no longer needed on your property. Whether you’re looking to clear out a space in which to build upon or to open up a section of your property to provide you the means to move forward on other plans, choosing Lakeland Tree Services will bring results.
Tree Removal
When looking to have a single, or multiple trees removed from your property, making the call to the experts at ACS Tree Service will provide you with reliable results. We have the capability to quickly and efficiently remove any number of trees from your yard, providing you with the open space you need to move forward with other plans. Whether you’re looking to seed or sod over the space that your trees used to occupy, or to bring an exterior building such as a shed or greenhouse, we have the assisting services you need to make it happen.
Hedge & Shrub Clearing
We not only provide you with the means to remove fully grown trees but also provide you the ability to take away hedges and shrubs that are no longer necessary as well. Whatever the growth on your property that needs to go, making the choice to reach out to the experts at ACS Tree Service will deliver the full clearing you need. From the smallest of shrubs to the largest of trees, tree root service and more, it only takes a quick phone call to the offices of ACS Tree Service to provide you with the results you’re looking for.
Lot Clearing
When purchasing a property with the intent to build upon it, the current trees and brush in place needs to be cleared out in order to provide you with the flat surface required to set the foundation. When looking for a local tree removal service that can provide you with the full and attentive services you need for tree and shrub clearing, stump removal and more, making the choice to reach out to the experts at ACS Tree Service will deliver the results you need. With just a few minutes on the phone, your space will soon be devoid of barriers to construction.
Optional Wood Chipping
Wood chippings from your former trees can provide health benefits to the other greenery and growth you have along your property and when choosing ACS Tree Service for your tree and shrub removal services in the Lakeland area, you have the availability at hand to have your former growth aid the health of your current. With high-quality machinery in the hands of skilled professionals, we can make quick work of even the largest of trees on your property, bringing you the materials needed to make the most of the options you have available to you in the city. 

Tree Care