​​Land & Storm Clearing

quality lot clearing service

Major storms in the Lakeland area have the capability to wreak untold amounts of havoc on your property and when looking for capable professionals to provide you with the cleanup you need and the capability to salvage what’s possible in the wake of these events, turning to ACS Tree Service will provide you with options. We have been the source of quality assistance within the Lakeland area for years and know what it takes to bring you results you can count on in these situations.
New Construction
Even without storm damage present, you can find yourself in need of a quality lot clearing service. When looking to build upon a purchased property, only to find that the space is covered with trees, shrubs, stumps and other organic matter, knowing that you have the necessary access to the best possible services available to you is important. When reaching out to ACS Tree Service for your needs, you can count on a capable service that knows how to provide results, through experienced arborists, the right machinery and a dedication to bringing you the best outcome.
Storm Damaged Tree Removal
If the trees on your property have suffered extensive damages in the wake of a storm, then ensuring that you have the means at hand to safely and effectively clear the lot for your needs is important. When choosing the professional services of Lakeland Tree Services for your property, you have at hand the most experienced arborists in the city ready and waiting to provide you with the full range of services needed. From tree and shrub removal to tree root removal, stumping grinding and more, we can clear your lot in less time than it took to succumb to damages.
Tree Assessment
Knowing what has the capability to be salvaged and what doesn’t within your storm damaged property can be important and by turning to the local experts in tree care and service, you have the capability to have a fast and honest assessment of your property carried out. We bring you the means to know what trees can benefit from bracing or cabling, which are too damaged and what courses of action you have available to you with your property. When you’re looking to recoup your losses with accurate information, reaching out to ACS Tree Service will bring the details you need.
Tree Transplanting
Some trees in the event of a storm may simple come loose from their moorings, which can lead you to looking for a transplant solution. When searching for professionals who can provide you with the quality transplant you need and ensure that your tree has the best possible case for future, healthy growth, making the call to the offices of ACS Tree Service will bring you results. We have the equipment and professionals needed to ensure that you have the capability to give your tree a second chance at life, with careful and safe services aimed at prolonging your trees presence. 

Storm Cleanup