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Lakeland Tree Services

A tree on your property can provide you with a variety of benefits, memories and visual memories that can be just as much a part of our lives as any other part of the yard and when looking to bring the best possible care to these silent sentinels, knowing that you have the access you need to quality, affordable arborists can be just what you’re looking for.

About Us
ACS Tree Service has been bringing the Lakeland, FL area the widest range of tree service options in the industry for many years. From planting to fertilization, cleanup, wood chipping, tree shaping, canopy evaluation and much more. Whether you’re introducing a new tree to your property, bringing care to those already present or in need of a removal service in order to open up the space you have available, making the call for quality tree service Lakeland, FL depends on will lead you to the experts at Lakeland Tree Services. We are here to bring the best to your property and your trees.

Our Services
We look to ensure that those within the Lakeland area have the means to bring quality attention to their needs to matter the species of tree, or the state they happen to be in. Providing both maintenance and repair options, bringing the best in stump grinding and even care for your tree roots, there isn’t a single aspect of your property trees that we don’t bring the highest level of attention to. When looking to maximize the life span of your trees, or to have professionals bring a lot clearing solution, Lakeland Tree Services is available to deliver results.

​Tree Trimming

Whether for canopy elevation or lowering, property disputes or disease remediation, tree trimming provides your Lakeland tree with the means to grow healthy and to reduce waste when it comes to essential nutrients. When looking for experienced arborists to provide you with the range of treatments needed to benefit your trees, making the choice to reach out to Lakeland Tree Services will provide you with speed, quality and affordability throughout all of our offerings.

quality lot clearing service

Tree & Bush Removal

If you’re looking for a quality lot clearing service in order to bring the solid foundation needed for building or need to have a series of trees removed from your property in order to better benefit future plans, making the call to ACS Tree Service will bring results. We provide you with the tree removal you need, brush clearing, stump grinding and much more, ensuring that you get a complete and through treatment for your property.

“ACS Tree Service has been bringing maintenance to the trees on my commercial property for a few years now and I know I can always depend on them. From trimming to fertilization and more, they really get into the heart of each issue to provide the best care for my trees.” – Shane B. 

​Stump Grinding

A remnant of a bygone tree in the form of a stump in the middle of your property can provide you with a number of obstructions. Whether it comes to cutting your lawn, or plans to build in the area or otherwise, the best option can often be to have a removal service carried out. We bring you the stump grinding options needed, stump and tree roots removal and much more in order to benefit your yard.

stump grinding

​Land & Storm Clearing

Whether a storm has ravaged your property, or you have a lot in need of clearance for building, the approach our experts bring is the same. Providing you with the capability to efficiently remove trees that need to go and bringing the tree preservation needed to maintain beneficial ones. Whatever the state of your property, you can count on ACS Tree Service to provide you with the best possible outcome for your needs. 

land and storm clearing

“I had ACS Tree Service come in for a tree removal, stump grinding and wood chipping service and they were great. They approached each aspect of service step by step, which kept the area neat and organized. The entire process only took a single day.” – Brent G.

tree cabling and bracing

If dealing with damages to your property trees, one of the best forms of residential and commercial tree maintenance is through cabling and bracing. We bring you the means to give your trees the support and strength needed to move past damaging situations and to give them a new lease on life. Through a quality assessment and the right treatment, you can renew the life of your trees quickly and easily.

tree maintenance service

Whether you need tree transplanting, restoration, reduction or otherwise, you can count on Lakeland Tree Services to bring you tree maintenance services you can trust. We have the right arborists ready and waiting to provide you with the full range of options needed, whether for a single service visit or as part of a structured schedule. When you need the best for your trees, making the choice to reach out to Lakeland Tree Services will deliver reliably and affordably anywhere in Lakeland, FL.

“I have counted on ACS Tree Service for tree shaping every spring for the last few years. They know my trees well and always provide a fast and dependable service. If you have decorative trees, I would highly recommend bringing in their experts, especially at the low prices they offer.” – Helen A.

Contact Us

The first point of contact is our opportunity to set the stage for what you can expect dealing with our experts. Our services start with the fastest and easiest means of getting in touch with the professionals you need and carries through until our treatment is complete. Whether looking for brush trimming, assessment, commercial tree maintenance, tree preservation and so much more, making the choice to reach out to the local area arborists of choice at ACS Tree Service will provide you with quality in every step. We are always here to bring the best to your Lakeland area property.